1. New Payroll Vault California Location

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Santa Barbara – California   Greenwood Village, CO – June 1, 2018 – Payroll Vault Franchising is excited to announce its newest location in Santa Barbara, California.  Karen and Ovidio Mora, a husband and wife team, are new Payroll Vault franchise owners and excited to begin their business and dive into the industry of payroll services with the Payroll Vault bran…Read More

  2. Payroll Vault Earns Spot as a Top Emerging Franchise on Franchise Business Review’s 2018 List

    Independent Research Data Shows Franchisees are Highly Satisfied with Payroll Vault’s Performance   Greenwood Village, CO – Payroll Vault was identified by independent franchisee satisfaction research firm, Franchise Business Review, as being a Top Emerging Franchise for 2018. FBR surveyed over 4,000 franchisees from 70 leading brands that started franchising in the past decade. Payroll Vaul…Read More

  3. Payroll Vault’s Cadie Gaut Is Recognized as a Rockstar Franchisee by Franchise Business Review

    Mobile, Alabama, April 17, 2018 – Payroll Vault’s Cadie Gaut was identified by franchisee satisfaction research firm, Franchise Business Review, as being one of 2018’s 50 Rockstar Franchisees. Gaut was selected from over 28,000 franchisees, representing more than 300 brands that participated in Franchise Business Review’s research in the past 18 months. “There are some many fantastic su…Read More

  4. Why Outsourced Payroll is Growing

    It’s a proven fact that the majority of small businesses don’t enjoy, nor have the expertise or time, to efficiently process their company payroll. Additionally, it can be overwhelming due to compliance restrictions and a heavy administrative task that can distract from their focus of running their business. So why are small to midsize businesses processing payroll in house? Actually, the emer…Read More

  5. Withholding Compliance

    Each year around tax time, there are a handful of companies who have employees who didn’t have enough (or any) withholding taxes taken from their pay checks. It could have been for a number of reasons such as:  High exemption calculation from their W-4 form, low pay that didn’t trigger the tax tables, or a high number of pre-tax deductions. There are many items that could contribute to low or…Read More

  6. Strategic Goal Setting

    Goal setting is an exciting part of growing your business. It signifies that you have attained several milestones up to this point, and that you are ready to move forward with purpose to achieve another set of strategic goals. The first step is understanding organizational and departmental goals. Determine what the organization needs and how each department will aid in the process. Then take the t…Read More

  7. Cyber-Crimes on the Rise

    The Technology Age is lending convenience and efficiency in all areas of business. It’s an exciting time in which we live that allows hyper-connectivity. With all the advantages technology lends, it is inevitable that hidden challenges are lurking in the background. Cyber-crimes are on the rise. It is projected that cyber-crime damage costs will rise to $6 trillion annually by 2021, up from $3 t…Read More

  8. Payroll Vault Franchising Welcomes New California Location

    Payroll Vault Franchising Welcomes New California Location Redlands – California   Greenwood Village, CO – January 29, 2018 – Payroll Vault Franchising experienced a notable 33% increase in franchise locations in 2017, and is pleased to announce expansion in California’s Greater Los Angeles area, Redlands. Joel Hendriks and John Hopkins have owned their tax and business service pra…Read More

  9. Payroll Vault Named a 2018 Best-in-Category Franchise by Franchise Business Review

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 16, 2018 Payroll Vault Named a 2018 Best-in-Category Franchise by Franchise Business Review Independent Survey Shows Payroll Vault Franchising Ranks Highest in Franchisee Satisfaction in the Accounting Category Within the Top 200 Franchise Brands   Greenwood Village, Colorado, January 16, 2018 – Payroll Vault Franchising was recently named Best-in-Category in the A…Read More

  10. Filing Deadlines for Tax Forms Have Not Changed

    The IRS has had its fair share of fraud and identity theft issues over recent years. Fraudulent claims cost millions, if not billions of dollars annually, and the numbers are increasing at an alarming rate. In attempt to minimize fraudulent claims, the filing deadline for 2017 W-2 and 1099 forms is January 31, 2018 for the second year in a row. It’s imperative that you have informed, communicate…Read More