1. Client Fit & Its Importance

    If most professionals could go back in time to advise their past selves of the upcoming challenges they were about to face, they’d take the opportunity 100% of the time. As we’ve talked to our clients about their business progression and growth, there is one commonality they wish they could go back and change. When they were just opening their doors and on-boarding their first clients, they sa…Read More

  2. Best Practices

    You hear Best Practices a lot in professional conversations, whether it is regarding specific departments within a company, or general business. Have you paused to think about what this frequently used term means to you, how it affects your business, and why these practices are in place?  The What: Best Practices are commercial or professional procedures that are accepted or prescribed as being c…Read More

  3. I Bought a Franchise. Now What?

    After thorough research, attending a Discovery Day, creating your business plan, and reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), you have been awarded your new franchise. Congratulations! Now what? 543,000 businesses startup each month in the United States and according to Entrepreneur Magazine, “Success rates for franchises are greater than 90%, making this the lowest failure rate of an…Read More

  4. Strategic Goal Setting Part 2: How are You Getting to Where You are Going?

    If you decided to accept our Quarter 1 challenge in February, let us know how the process has been, and what you’ve learned. Small steps will make even deeper impressions! We’ve discussed the process of discovering where you are as an organization, now it’s time to move forward with goal setting. Understanding the talent strengths you are working with, your vision can become a thriving reali…Read More

  5. Royalties are Important and Why

    As a franchise owner, you are familiar with the franchise royalty fee and why it’s collected. For those of you that are new to franchising, let me explain the franchise ROYALTY FEE. The royalty fee is sometimes referred to as the monthly management service fee, and is collected by the franchisor from the franchisee. The royalty fee is important to both the “zor” and the “zee”. Franchisor…Read More

  6. Strategic Goal Setting Part 1: Are You In-the-Know?

    “New Year, new you.” I’ve never understood that notion. Let’s begin again… “New Year, smarter you.” Now, we’re jumping off to a workable, realistic start! Planning and goal setting is a procrastination point for most people because they have already decided that they will fail or flounder, so why work through the process. Let’s just go ahead and throw that out, too. We are alread…Read More

  7. Owners Exchange: Leveraging Knowledge

    Attending conferences is exciting because they are typically hosted in destination cities, positions you amongst your peers, and ENERGIZES and gets you ramped up for the ultimate success. Not to mention, the wealth of information that is presented. Conferences I have found to be most beneficial are the ones with a targeted purpose that I can relate to on a professional level of need. Yes, this may…Read More

  8. What to Look for When Buying a Franchise?

    Entrepreneurs are continuously looking for investment and startup opportunities – albeit, the right opportunities! Franchising is gaining popularity because of the packaged business plan and repeated, proven success. When researching your new business venture, here are some pointers to guide against possible pitfalls. ROI is key; don’t buy into a system just because it’s sexy or exciting. So…Read More

  9. 2017 Franchise Business Review Results Have Arrived!

    Franchisee satisfaction has a direct and measurable impact on system profitability. Research shows that brands with high franchisee satisfaction drastically outperform brands with low satisfaction on every key performance metric. Franchise Business Review’s research is recognized as the industry benchmark for franchisee satisfaction. We are proud to announce that Franchise Business Review has re…Read More


    Discovery Days are the first real glimpse into a franchise’s core culture, brand, and people. These events can be elaborate productions put on to impress and woo the candidate. This can be awe-inspiring, but what do you, the candidate, really need to know? You’ve completed a good portion of your research: You believe the industry is appealing. The need for the services provided have been quant…Read More