1. Do-it-yourself Payroll is a Thing of the Past.

    With all of the changing regulations, reporting, compliance issues, and especially the Affordable Care Act, payroll for a business owner is more complex than they know. The practices of the do-it-yourself entrepreneur that is trying to save a few dollars, remain in the driver seat of their business, and cut their own payroll checks for their employees are costing them more money and time than they…Read More

  2. Determine Your Characteristics for Success

    Whether or not you enter an industry with which you are familiar, you need to confirm that you are suited to owning a business. Just because you want to become a business owner does not mean it is a good idea. Plenty of small businesses fail because the owner does not have the skills required for owning a business. Just having the technical skills to perform your trade or service is not enough. Yo…Read More