Payroll Vault was founded on the concept of providing full-scale, expert payroll services for businesses. The Payroll Vault approach to service delivery is unmatched in the marketplace—supported by an advanced online technology platform for real-time data entry and one-on-one personalized client service. Additional attention is given to every client to better help them understand the best ways to manage and pay staff making the business more efficient and their employees more satisfied. Strong national and local alliances support Payroll Vault and are introduced to our clients that also helps lead to greater success for them. Payroll Vault truly has re-Defined the experience of payroll processing.

Payroll Vault founder, Sean Manning, is also the owner of Manning & Company, P.C., a mid-sized accounting, tax, and advisory firm located in Littleton, Colorado. Sean began his accounting career with his father’s firm, Robert C. Manning, P.C. in 1990, and in 1998 he purchased the firm from his father and re-branded it as Manning & Company, P.C.

In 2008, Sean launched Payroll Vault. It was founded on the success of Manning & Company, and refined through different payroll solutions. Sean initially saw that the payroll service industry was being under-utilized by business owners in his immediate location, so he developed a plan. Payroll Vault was the result of his careful planning and now makes payroll service available to business owners and their employees. As demand grew, the firm focused on web-based technology to serve employers and their employees efficiently. Strong national and local business connections really set them apart and Payroll Vault is now a national leader within the independent payroll service providers industry.

The mission of Payroll Vault is to take over complex payroll activity from business owners so they can focus on what they do best—running their companies. With Payroll Vault, clients have the peace of mind that their payroll is being handled by seasoned experts and that all work will be completed in a timely manner and in compliance with regulations. Payroll Vault further differentiates itself from other payroll service companies because its offices and people are well connected in the business, social, and charity communities this offers clients direct access to resources and business leaders that can help fuel their success. Payroll Vault’s staff is experienced, well trained, and fully committed to the “Company Essence” of developing strong customer relationships by providing top-notch, unparalleled service.

At Payroll Vault, the team believes in direct contact with clients to answer questions quickly. No ‘trouble tickets’, no complicated phone systems, no delays, and all of the payroll processing is performed at a local Payroll Vault office—no outsourcing to foreign countries. Payroll Vault strives to be the best payroll solution for clients, offering a competitive price and additional support with business solutions such as timekeeping, pay-as-you-go worker’s comp, human resources support, background checks and employment screenings, pay cards, portals, and direct deposit—all geared to help business owners streamline processes. The Payroll Vault team consistently works to build positive, helpful vendor relationships in order to provide clients with vetted resources in the areas of human resources, insurance, banking, accounting, retirement/investments, employee benefits, and more. Payroll Vault is a valued, trusted business partner for both our clients and strategic business alliances.

Due to the growing success of the Payroll Vault’s brand, strong name recognition, and client satisfaction, in 2012 Payroll Vault Franchising, LLC was created to offer business opportunities to qualified people that share our executive team’s vision of providing expert, personalized payroll services. Payroll Vault works continuously to educate franchisees on vision, culture, and business model to build a successful, efficient, and profitable payroll business. Our dedication to our clients and to our franchise owners makes us the best franchise to own!