Payroll Vault is...

Payroll Vault is a boutique-style full-service payroll company designed for small business.

Payroll was identified as an area of opportunity in the 1980’s when accounting firms began offering services as an added revenue stream. Over the years, compliance standards have consistently and frequently shifted, Labor Law is evolving as technology advances, and legislation is leading the way to increased complexity in all areas. These changes have made payroll processing tedious and very time consuming for small to mid-size business owners.  

In 2008, Payroll Vault identified the need to focus specifically on payroll to proactively focus on businesses’ success and efficiency while maintaining a highly personalized client interaction. In doing so, an abundant market opportunity presented itself that is virtually recession proof and expanding annually.

When we launched as a franchise in 2012, we created the opportunity for franchise offices across the nation to help support small business.

The result: Small business owners now have the opportunity to focus on growing their business, rather than working in their business.