1. Payroll Vault Named a 2019 Best-in-Category Franchise by Franchise Business Review

    Independent Survey Shows Payroll Vault Ranks Highest in Franchisee Satisfaction within the Top 200 Franchise Brands Greenwood Village, CO – Payroll Vault was recently named Best-in-Category in Franchise Business Review’s list of the top franchises for 2019. This is the 14th annual ranking of the top 200 award-winning franchise opportunities. The list is available at  https://franchisebusiness…Read More


    In the world of weapons and guns, a safety latch stops the worst from happening by preventing a user making a mistake and mis-firing by accident.  At a time where the subject is causing the same debate across the world, the USA and western economies, let’s take a different take on the whole idea of a safety latch.  How do you enable your people to become your greatest asset? IS YOUR PEOPLE SAF…Read More

  3. 11 ways email marketing gets off-the-grid ROI

    Written by Michel Leconte, Founder and CEO of SeoSamba “ROI”. For marketers around the world, these three simple letters that stand for “return on investment” spark countless heated discussions in the company’s meeting room when comes the time to assess the latest corporate marketing and sales efforts. Email marketing can find its ways in countless manners, yet most of them can simply no…Read More

  4. The Evolution of Online Search Tactics

    A recent IFA Franchise Business Network Event that was held in Denver focused on franchise marketing and its direction in relation to current technology. Technology is feverishly changing and will affect all companies in regards to online presence and how each company is searched and recommended by artificial intelligence (AI) bots. A vast majority of us use SIRI, Alexa or Dot frequently to queue …Read More

  5. Workers’ Comp is an Important Coverage for Your Client

    By Emily Love, The Hartford Did you know workers' compensation is most often a state-required insurance coverage, and though insurers' prices may be similar, the coverage and value added services offered are very different. You can offer your clients the greatest value for their insurance dollar by helping them have the right coverage for their businesses. WHAT BEST-IN-CLASS SMALL BUSINESS COVERAG…Read More

  6. Payroll Vault Offers Local Domain Sites to Franchisees

    The past year and a half has welcomed significant growth for Payroll Vault and also unlocked new opportunities. Excitement flows throughout the system every day! Our newest addition to help support local exposure for each office is the launch of local, or unique, domains for the client facing website, www.payrollvault.com. Each franchise location that has opted-in will have a URL that is specific …Read More

  7. Payroll Vault Breaks into New Market on West Coast

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Eugene, Oregon   Greenwood Village, CO – June 3, 2018 – Payroll Vault Franchising is excited to announce the opening of a new location in emerging market, Eugene, OR.  Tim Roberts, owner of Clean Solutions since 2011, is overjoyed to dive into the payroll industry with the Payroll Vault brand. Tim discovered Payroll Vault in Business View Magazine and began his res…Read More

  8. Why Outsourced Payroll is Growing

    It’s a proven fact that the majority of small businesses don’t enjoy, nor have the expertise or time, to efficiently process their company payroll. Additionally, it can be overwhelming due to compliance restrictions and a heavy administrative task that can distract from their focus of running their business. So why are small to midsize businesses processing payroll in house? Actually, the emer…Read More

  9. Strategic Goal Setting

    Goal setting is an exciting part of growing your business. It signifies that you have attained several milestones up to this point, and that you are ready to move forward with purpose to achieve another set of strategic goals. The first step is understanding organizational and departmental goals. Determine what the organization needs and how each department will aid in the process. Then take the t…Read More

  10. Cyber-Crimes on the Rise

    The Technology Age is lending convenience and efficiency in all areas of business. It’s an exciting time in which we live that allows hyper-connectivity. With all the advantages technology lends, it is inevitable that hidden challenges are lurking in the background. Cyber-crimes are on the rise. It is projected that cyber-crime damage costs will rise to $6 trillion annually by 2021, up from $3 t…Read More