1. New Franchise Office Added in  Northwest Market

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   New Franchise Office Added in  Northwest Market Hartford, South Dakota Greenwood Village, CO - October 31, 2017 - Payroll Vault Franchising announces their newly awarded franchise location in Hartford, SD, part of the Sioux Falls area, as they enter into a successful sixth year of offering the concept. Payroll Vault has experienced tremendous growth in the past year and…Read More

  2. Royalties are Important and Why

    As a franchise owner, you are familiar with the franchise royalty fee and why it’s collected. For those of you that are new to franchising, let me explain the franchise ROYALTY FEE. The royalty fee is sometimes referred to as the monthly management service fee, and is collected by the franchisor from the franchisee. The royalty fee is important to both the “zor” and the “zee”. Franchisor…Read More