Payroll Vault Timekeeper is an online electronic time and attendance solution for businesses ranging from small to large. Our solution offers the convenience of web-based access and the familiarity of a conventional time clock for ease of data collection. Even better, because Timekeeper is an online solution, there is no software to install or maintain.

Payroll Vault Timekeeper was designed with “everyday” people in mind. So intuitive, the solution can be setup within seconds and makes a simple task of editing data. Consider the ease of the timekeeping process:

1.Punches are collected by time clocks
2.Punches are sent to the web (in real time or nightly)
3.Supervisor edits data online
4.Data is approved and sent for payroll processing

With Payroll Vault Timekeeper, the cost and time savings are significant. Consider all the value our online solution offers:

  • Control and reduce labor costs
  • Streamline your payroll process end-to-end
  • Stay compliant with the Department of Labor
  • Eliminate estimated punch times
  • Minimize payroll errors and reduce data collection time
  • Enjoy the convenience of our WebClock Portal and Employee Status Utility app for iPhone